Notice regarding Covid-19

All yoga classes are cancelled for at least 2 weeks from 12th March.

We must all take measures to prevent further spread of Covid-19. According to the latest guidelines from Folkehelseinstituttet I will temporarily cancel all of my classes from 12th March. All memberships will be frozen.

I will update you on any changes according to information given by Folkehelseinstituttet.

In the meantime, I will be livestreaming classes from my home studio. Click on the link below and <like> my Facebook page to follow the online schedule. 

I wish all of you good health.

❤ Carol

My yoga classes use a blend of intelligent movement and restorative positions designed to soothe and strengthen your body. You will learn breathing exercises to calm your nervous system and leave you feeling ready to face anything.

Yoga courses

Vinyasa flow

An active flow to focus and strengthen.

Gentle flow

A gentle flow to release tension and build strength.

Pregnancy yoga

Exercises to strengthen the body and breathwork to calm the nervous system.

Barsel yoga

Restore the integrity of your core and support your bodys healing after birth.

International flow

Stay grounded wherever you are with yoga and a social scene.

Private classes

One-on-one classes tailored to your needs, intentions, and personal goals.

What you can learn in my yoga classes

It feels great to move. That is why we are here! Body movement also has another purpose: to help us to connect to the subtle energies that give rise to our lived experience. My yoga classes use a blend of intelligent movement, restorative positions, and breathing exercises to soothe and strengthen your body and leave you feeling ready to face anything. I do not pretend that the stresses and worries of life do not exist. My classes provide you with tools to embrace the good and the bad in life equally, without judgement. You will learn to move your body with awareness and care, nourishing your muscles, bones, and organs. However, the mind and ego are always ready to push expectations and worries into focus and distract us from the matter of living a happy life. You will learn to refocus your mind, take a break from your worries, and understand how to nourish yourself on all levels. I always encourage feedback and keep an open conversation with all students about how your yoga practice can best serve you. 

What other students think about my classes


35, Vinyasa flow at Holmlia

Carol er en utrolig dyktig, dedikert, tydelig og behagelig yogalærer! Jeg var helt nybegynner og hun er flink til å tilrettelegge for alle nivå. Jeg angrer bare på at jeg ikke begynte før.


26, Yoga for gravide

Jeg synes klassen var veldig fin, passe intensitet og jeg liker veldig godt at du tok deg tid til å justere øvelsene slik at de passet hver enkelt av oss, og også kunne justeres etter dagsformen. Den er jo ganske uforutsigbar når man er gravid.


36, International flow!

Carols yoga classes are relaxing and also deep. We slowly and carefully go deep within our bodies in the poses she brings to class. It's not a push-on-through go-as-deep-as-you-can yoga. Gentleness is emphasized and yet I always feel the class is very deep. It's gentle but not boring, I certainly feel I work hard in class but not sweaty aerobic work! It's very, very therapeutic.


28, International flow!

I have been practicing yoga since 2014 and always had a feeling like I was not doing it in the best way possible. I changed a few studios and was feeling frustrated over the fact that my yoga postures were not 'perfect' even after 5 years of practice. Then I joined yoga with Carol. She explained how my body is unique and that there is no 'perfect' postures unless I feel perfect doing them. It was a completely different approach: personalized, logical and healing for my body. I really enjoy Carol's classes with energy accumulation and joy.