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Here you will find a library of free yoga classes. These classes were taught on Zoom durin the Covid-19 lockdown. 

Each week is a different theme. Each theme contains 5 classes which each explore the theme from a different angle. Practice all classes in a theme, or just choose the class style that suits you. Either way you will get a practice that is nourishing.

Wishing you good practice!

Low-back health

Soothe, stabilise, and strengthen your low back. Sequences focus on sacrum health and working the muscles of the back skillfully.

Wishing you good practice!


Spine/shoulder connection

A collection of sequences which explore the relationship between the sacrum, shoulder, and the spine which connects them.

Wishing you good practice!


A good base

All of our movement requires a good base. That means strong legs and an awareness of our connection to the ground. 

Wishing you good practice!


Balanced hips

A series of classes to loosen and balance the hips and low back.

Wishing you good practice!


Shoulder mobility

We will move the shoulders in all directions in order to practice Dancer pose, a standing balance. 

Wishing you good practice!


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