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Tools to build your own soothing and strengthening home practice program

A regular practice should help you to live the life that you want to live

Day to day life takes energy, effort, and compassion. Life demands a lot from us, and in different ways. A daily mindfulness practice aims to balance these demands with restful, calming, and dynamic practices which leave you feeling soothed, strengthened, and refreshed. There is no one perfect practice for everyone. Your home practice should work together with your schedule, and never demand that you somehow find time or energy that you do not have. 

The online library is a curated collection of practices which you can mix and match to suit your needs from day to day. The practices are chosen based on the season. The weather and amount of light effects both our energy and our daily schedules. There are certain practices which are best done at certain times of the year. By working with just a handful of practices over a period of 3 months, you become familiar with them and soon find it easier to take a few minutes to pause and center yourself. Small moments of practice, done regularly, give the greatest benefit.

Your home practice, or personal practice, is a complement to group movement classes and other active training you enjoy doing. You can attend group classes with me in Oslo or online. See the schedule here.

Grow your practice with this customisable movement and mindfulness toolkit.

Classes at home

Live classes and a video library

The curated practice library containins movement classes, drills and inquiries,  guided meditations, and breathing exercises. 2 weekly live classes challenge and inspire your practices - an energising morning flow and calming evening flow.

Self guided practices

Take it at your own pace

Restorative practices are personal. Self-guided restorative sequences allow you to take an energy-replenishing break from as little as 3 minutes, with nothing more than 3 blankets. The practices are in PDF format and can be downloaded.

Short courses

Get curious

A mindfulness practice balances the demands of your daily life.

  • Learn to weave habits of mindfulness into your daily routines.

  • Explore movement with a series of classes built on a theme.


Online membership is offered on a sliding scale. The sliding scale means that you can choose how much you can give to support my work. I trust that you will choose a plan that suits your budget, while valuing my work. 

I believe that a yoga practice can support you in being more kind and patient with yourself. I want to share this vision with as many people as possible.


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Featured practice

Bring  your spine to a more neutral position by releasing tension in both the front and back body. You need only a space to lie down. This practice honours our current state of winter hibernation, while beginning to gently stir the body. After a long winter, and an even longer lockdown, this exercise helps to relax both the front and back of your body in preparation for poking your nose out of doors.

Grow your practice with this customisable movement and mindfulness toolkit.

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