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New website and membership platform under construction.

The Covid-19 lockdown situation has forced me to do something that I have been thinking about for a while: create online content.

I am working hard on a membership platform which will support you in creating self nourishing practices both on and off the mat.

It is time to examine more closely the benefits of this transformative practice that we call yoga and how it can support your daily necessity of self care.

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Scroll down to find free class videos that you can practice now. These classes were filmed live on Zoom during lockdown.

Thank you for your patience.



Lets go outside and move with mindfulness.​

Mondays at 18:00

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This class contains:

  • movement for soothing and strengthening your body

  • breathwork to calm your nervous system

  • mindfulness practices to increase peacefulness and joy.

The practice is suitable for all levels, from beginner to experienced. We will warm up the body and then move the spine in all directions, with a few challenges thrown in. After a short rest we will do a walking meditation through the grass.  


Go to Vipps, tap "send money", and search for 129526.

Tap on "see all products" or "butikk".

Select the date you wish to join and send your payment.

What do I need to practice?

  • Wear warm, stretchy clothing. It is wise to wear layers in case you get cold.

  • All participants must have their own equipment. I recommend a yoga mat or large towel to put on the ground, and 1 large towel or blanket to sit on.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, places are limited. You can book your place in advance to avoid disappointment. 

It is also possible to just come along and pay on the day. Unfortunately, once we have 19 participants, any more will be turned away.

My Classes

Gentle flow

A gentle flow to release tension and build strength.

This class focuses on moving the spine in all directions to reduce tension and increase mobility. The class is highly individualised, allowing you to find your own personal, nourishing movment.

We move through a gentle sequence of poses designed to improve posture and reduce muscle tension through correct movement. Learn to spot building tension and best practices to release it, which you can use off the mat too.

Spine recovery

Revive your spine.

Create mobility and strength in your spine with this practice. We work to ease tension and build stability in the hips and sacrum. 

This class is suitable for all, including those with back pain. There is no flexibility required.

Strong and supple core

Improve your quality of life with a strong and capable body.

A stabilising and dynamic flow for a healthy spine. In this class we build stability through the legs, hips, and spine. We use relaxing poses, stabilising exercises, and strengthening flows.

Join this class to build a strong body without punishing crunches!

This class is suitable for all, including those with back pain. There is no flexibility required.

Morning flow

Greet the new day and lift your energy.

Awaken your body gentle with a morning movement flow. We will start lying down and work our way up to standing. After the practice you will walk off your mat and into your day feeling more balanced.

This practice is suitable for everyone. There is no flexibility required.

Vinyasa flow

An active flow to focus and strengthen.

Vinyasa flow is an active sequence of poses which will leave you feeling strong and calm. Bringing mindfulness to movement will teach you to be more focused. Step-by-step progression through sequences allows you to work safely at your own personal limits.

This class is recommended for you who are in fair physical form without any major injuries. There is no flexibility required.

Private online classes

A personalised practice just for you.

Address specific needs and take your practice to a deeper level with a tailored private class just for you. 

Contact to book.