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After 10 years of practice and 3 years of training, I became a full time yoga teacher. I moved to Norway in 2014 from my native Ireland and have been working full time as a movement teacher in Oslo since 2017.

My mindfulness practice allows me to balance the physical, mental, and emotional demands of daily life. Each day I do a little bit to keep my body fit and mobile, to keep my mind calm and focused, and to replenish lost energy. I take time to check in with myself and listen to what I need to do to nourish myself. In essence, I practice essential self care every day.

My practice is constantly informed by observing my reactions to movement and stillness. It is this mindful awareness which increases the quality of my lived experience.



In any situation I ask myself, how can I be more kind to myself and to the others who are with me in this moment? When all else is stripped away, a simple but powerful mantra remains: be kind. Mindfulness practice is a daily opportunity to meet myself and ask that one powerful question: can I be kind to the me that stands here today? Can I become fully intimate with my own limits and fully inhabit the space of me?

My goal is to empower others to take control of their own lived experience. I aim to guide my students in learning to be sensitive to what their body needs and discover ways to nourish themselves. I believe that there is no such thing as wrong movement, as long as the movement is being done in a safe way. I aim to create a space where my students can feel safe and supported in their own self care practices.


"Befriending the body, befriending the self" intensive with Donna Farhi (2018)

65hr Pre- and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training with Bliss Baby Yoga (2018)

200hr RYT studying under Dave Curtis, Vinyasa Flow Yoga Ireland (2014-2016)


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