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30 days | 30 moments

Mindfulness is a simple practice. You can cultivate mindfulness by taking a moment to be fully aware of the present moment. The key is to stay focused on the activity, such as breath awareness or moving your body.


Each time you get distracted, just notice this without judgement. Distractions are normal. The core of mindfulness practices is to be aware that you are distracted, and re-focus your attention back to the activity.


You can get great benefits by practicing mindfulness every day. Just 1 minute is enough. Think of mindfulness like gym-training for your brain: regular practice is essential and a little bit every day brings large rewards.


There are many ways to practice mindfulness. This course focuses on informal practices, which can be done at any time, in any place, and don't require special equipment. You don't need to be alone to drop into a mindful moment.


To take part, simply download the Carol Doyle Yoga app and join under the "Challenges" tab. You can also use the app to book and pay for classes and membership. It is your yoga studio in your pocket.


Benefits of mindfulness practice include:

- Reduced stress

- Improved sleep

- Feel less overwhelmed


Wishing you good practice!

Carol Doyle Yoga

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